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CPTED School Security

Schools, universities and other educational facilities should be one of the safest places in our society. For the most part they are, however there are some very high profile incidents where our schools have come under attack. It is impossible to predict and prevent every type of attack, because most schools are designed from he standpoint of learning and not security. However, there are design and environmental factors which can enhance the level of security at schools without imposing a fortress like atmosphere.

We offer CPTED School Security Assessments and training which will help maintain a good environment for learning while enhancing security on school campuses. Some of the key features of CPTED School Security are:

  1. Openness and Visibility

  2. Activity Support

  3. Proper Lighting

  4. Strategic Placement of School Office

  5. Video and Audio Surveillance

  6. Properly Trained Staff


For more information about our CPTED School Security Services, contact us here.


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